“Best job is a higly paid hobby”

Anastasia PomazanI absolutely agree with Henry Ford’s quote because it’s really cool to do what you sincerely love and also get money for this. I’m lucky as now I’m getting ready for the work like for a date – beautiful and chic, there are butterflies in my stomach and an expectation of miracle settled down somewhere in decollete, as I feel, for a long.

I’ve been addicted to cosmetics since the childhood. In the past I used to take mom’s cosmetics – bright green and blue eyeshades, orange lipstick and other cuties that were in trend those days. I drew some patterns on my face, painted up faces of my friends and if there were no cosmetics, I took felt pens and any other dyes.

I enjoy experimenting and ,fortunately, nowadays fashion and technologies let me not to corner myself with standarts. I like creative work and constant searching however I never forget that sometimes a little touch of make-up is enough to open, highlight and show the beauty of woman not only to herself but also to entire world.

When I apply make-up I feel like an artist. But instead of a painting I create a face.

I love my job which not so far ago was only one of my hobbies. I got my first diploma at make-up school in Krasnodar, I finished also BCM SCUOLA in Milan and afterwards I took corses at Moscow school of Goar Avetisyan and attended MC of Elya Bulochka. In my profession it’s really important to practise a lot, learn and of course search your special way.